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Asymptotic preserving scheme for a kinetic model describing incompressible fluids

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  • The kinetic theory of fluid turbulence modeling developed by Degond and Lemou in [7] is considered for further study, analysis and simulation. Starting with the Boltzmann like equation representation for turbulence modeling, a relaxation type collision term is introduced for isotropic turbulence. In order to describe some important turbulence phenomenology, the relaxation time incorporates a dependency on the turbulent microscopic energy and this makes difficult the construction of efficient numerical methods. To investigate this problem, we focus here on a multi-dimensional prototype model and first propose an appropriate change of frame that makes the numerical study simpler. Then, a numerical strategy to tackle the stiff relaxation source term is introduced in the spirit of Asymptotic Preserving Schemes. Numerical tests are performed in a one-dimensional framework on the basis of the developed strategy to confirm its efficiency.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 65M99, 65L04, 76B99, 76F05.


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