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On Rogosinski-type approximation processes in Banach space using the framework of the cosine operator function

  • * Corresponding author: A. Kivinukk

    * Corresponding author: A. Kivinukk 
Research supported partially by the EU, European Reg. Develop. Fund ASTRA project for 2016-2022 of Estonian Doctoral School in Mathematics and Statistics; Tallinn University TLU TEE
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  • In this article, we investigate the approximation properties of general cosine-type operators, especially Rogosinski-type operators, in Banach space when there is a cosine operator function. We apply our approach to both trigonometric Rogosinski operators and Shannon sampling operators. Moreover, for some operators, we derived orders of approximation that include numerical estimates of the constants contained in it. We announced a new direction for approximation issues in the Mellin framework.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 41A65; Secondary: 41A17.


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