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Group pinning consensus under fixed and randomly switching topologies with acyclic partition

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  • This paper addresses group consensus problems in generic linear multi-agent systems with directed information flow over (i) fixed topology and (ii) randomly switching topology governed by a continuous-time homogeneous Markov process. We propose two types of pinning control protocols to ensure group consensus regardless of the magnitude of the coupling strengths among the agents. In the case of randomly switching topology, we show that the group consensus behavior is unrelated to the magnitude of the couplings among agents if the union of the topologies corresponding to the positive recurrent states of the Markov process possesses an acyclic partition. Sufficient conditions for achieving group consensus are presented in terms of simple graphic conditions, which are easy to be checked compared to conventional algebraic criteria. Simulation examples are also presented to validate the effectiveness of the theoretical results.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 93C05, 37H10, 05C20; Secondary: 05C50, 60J27.


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