2005, 2005(Special): 297-306. doi: 10.3934/proc.2005.2005.297

Spacecraft dynamics near a binary asteroid


Control and Dynamical Systems, California Institute of Technology, 107-81, 1200 E. California Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91125, United States, United States


Control and Dynamical Systems 107-81, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, United States

Received  September 2004 Revised  May 2005 Published  September 2005

We study a simple model for an asteroid pair, namely a planar system consisting of a rigid body and a sphere. This model is interesting because it is one of the simplest that captures the coupling between rotational and translational dynamics. By assuming that the binary is in a relative equilibria of the system, we construct a model for the motion of a spacecraft about this asteroid pair without affecting its motion (that is, we consider a restricted problem). This model can be studied as a perturbation of the standard Restricted Three Body Problem (RTBP). We use the stable zones near the triangular relative equilibrium points of the binary and a normal form of the Hamiltonian to compute stable periodic and quasi-periodic orbits for the spacecraft, which enable it to observe the binary while the binary orbits around the Sun.
Citation: F. Gabern, W.S. Koon, Jerrold E. Marsden. Spacecraft dynamics near a binary asteroid. Conference Publications, 2005, 2005 (Special) : 297-306. doi: 10.3934/proc.2005.2005.297

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