2009, 2009(Special): 780-789. doi: 10.3934/proc.2009.2009.780

Collision dynamics of circularly polarized solitons in nonintegrable coupled nonlinear Schrödinger system


Department of Differential Equations, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Technical University of Sofia, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA 70504-1010, United States

Received  August 2008 Revised  March 2009 Published  September 2009

The system of Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations (CNLSEs) is solved by a conservative difference scheme in complex arithmetic developed in earlier author's work. The initial condition represents a superposition of two one-soliton solutions of different circular polarizations. The interaction (collision) of the solitons and their quasi-particle (QP) behavior is examined for different configurations of the initial system of QPs. We found that the polarization angle of a QP can change after a collision with another QP depending on the configuration of the initial phases. The effects found in the present work seem to be novel and enrich the knowledge about the intimate mechanisms of interaction of polarized QPs of CNLSEs.
Citation: M. D. Todorov, C. I. Christov. Collision dynamics of circularly polarized solitons in nonintegrable coupled nonlinear Schrödinger system. Conference Publications, 2009, 2009 (Special) : 780-789. doi: 10.3934/proc.2009.2009.780

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