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On control synthesis for uncertain dynamical discrete-time systems through polyhedral techniques

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  • Problems of feedback terminal target control for linear discrete-time systems without and with uncertainties are considered. We continue the development of methods of control synthesis using polyhedral (parallelotope-valued) solvability tubes. The cases without uncertainties, with additive parallelotope-bounded uncertainties, and also with interval uncertainties in coefficients of the system are considered. Also the same systems under state constraints are considered. Nonlinear recurrent relations are presented for polyhedral solvability tubes for each of the mentioned cases. Two types of control strategies, which can be calculated on the base of the mentioned tubes, are proposed. Controls of the second type can be calculated by explicit formulas. Results of computer simulations are presented.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 93C41, 93C55, 93B52; Secondary: 93B40, 52B12.


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