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Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - S

Procedure: from proposal to production

Stage One: Proposal

  1.  Guest editors submit a proposal online and suggest up to 3 associate editors as the handling editors for the issue.
  2.  The chief editor appoints handling editors who will evaluate the proposal, and coordinate with the review and production process if the proposal is accepted.
  3.  The editorial office reviews the evaluations by the handling editors and decides to accept or reject the proposal.
  4.  The editorial office sends notification of acceptance or rejection of the proposal within 4 weeks of submission of the proposal. 

Stage Two: Article submissions/Review

  1.  The editorial office creates and sends a unique submission link to the guest editor(s) and grants the guest editors editorial access.
  2.  The chief editor may choose to return any submission back to the authors without a review if there are concerns about the quality, short notes of less than 15 pages, the exposition of the paper, having too many artificially listed references, etc.
  3.  For each submission assigned by the chief editor, the guest editors invite reviewers to obtain two referee reports and make recommendations to the chief editor.
  4.  If the guest editors submitted their own papers for consideration, the handling associate editor will be responsible for selecting the reviewers and obtaining referee reports for the guest editor’s submissions.
  5.  The handling associate editors will help make sure that the guidelines are followed during the review process.

Stage Three: Decision

  1.  The guest editors make recommendations.
  2.  The handling associate editors review the recommendations made by the guest editors.
  3.  The editorial office makes final decision.

Stage Four: Final Editing & Publishing

  The publishing editor will be in charge of this stage after the issue is shaped up and accepted.

Instructions for Guest Editors 

2021 Impact Factor: 1.865
5 Year Impact Factor: 1.622
2021 CiteScore: 3.6

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