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Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization (NACO) aims at publishing original papers on any non-trivial interplay between control and optimization, and numerical techniques for their underlying linear and nonlinear algebraic systems. Topics of interest to NACO include the following: original research in theory, algorithms and applications of optimization; numerical methods for linear and nonlinear algebraic systems arising in modelling, control and optimisation; and original theoretical and applied research and development in the control of systems including all facets of control theory and its applications. In the application areas, special interests are on artificial intelligence and data sciences. The journal also welcomes expository submissions on subjects of current relevance to readers of the journal. The publication of papers in NACO is free of charge.

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Complex and quaternionic optimization
Yuly Shipilevsky
2020, 10(3) : 249-255 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019051 +[Abstract](1656) +[HTML](304) +[PDF](230.42KB)
Resource allocation: A common set of weights model
Sedighe Asghariniya, Hamed Zhiani Rezai and Saeid Mehrabian
2020, 10(3) : 257-273 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020001 +[Abstract](557) +[HTML](337) +[PDF](451.65KB)
Numerical solution of bilateral obstacle optimal control problem, where the controls and the obstacles coincide
Radouen Ghanem and Billel Zireg
2020, 10(3) : 275-300 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020002 +[Abstract](536) +[HTML](311) +[PDF](1107.01KB)
On fractional quadratic optimization problem with two quadratic constraints
Arezu Zare, Mohammad Keyanpour and Maziar Salahi
2020, 10(3) : 301-315 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020003 +[Abstract](537) +[HTML](363) +[PDF](4236.33KB)
On a new smoothing technique for non-smooth, non-convex optimization
Nurullah Yilmaz and Ahmet Sahiner
2020, 10(3) : 317-330 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020004 +[Abstract](576) +[HTML](333) +[PDF](521.56KB)
$ H_{\infty} $ observer-based control for large-scale systems with sparse observer communication network
Junlin Xiong and Wenjie Liu
2020, 10(3) : 331-343 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020005 +[Abstract](508) +[HTML](280) +[PDF](523.36KB)
Sliding mode control for uncertain T-S fuzzy systems with input and state delays
Yuan Li, Ruxia Zhang, Yi Zhang and Bo Yang
2020, 10(3) : 345-354 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020006 +[Abstract](532) +[HTML](280) +[PDF](347.47KB)
An improved ARMA(1, 1) type fuzzy time series applied in predicting disordering
Zhi Liu and Tie Zhang
2020, 10(3) : 355-366 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020007 +[Abstract](463) +[HTML](289) +[PDF](453.66KB)
Fault estimation and optimization for uncertain disturbed singularly perturbed systems with time-delay
Lei Liu, Shaoying Lu, Cunwu Han, Chao Li and Zejin Feng
2020, 10(3) : 367-379 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020008 +[Abstract](499) +[HTML](305) +[PDF](472.82KB)
Passive control for a class of Nonlinear systems by using the technique of Adding a power integrator
Jinglai Qiao, Li Yang and Jiawei Yao
2020, 10(3) : 381-389 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020009 +[Abstract](467) +[HTML](299) +[PDF](319.08KB)
Bifurcation analysis of a Singular Nutrient-plankton-fish model with taxation, protected zone and multiple delays
Xin-You Meng, Yu-Qian Wu and Jie Li
2020, 10(3) : 391-423 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020010 +[Abstract](498) +[HTML](322) +[PDF](6580.1KB)
Fault-tolerant control against actuator failures for uncertain singular fractional order systems
Xuefeng Zhang and Yingbo Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020011 +[Abstract](471) +[HTML](283) +[PDF](399.44KB)
Decoupling of cubic polynomial matrix systems
Peizhao Yu, Guoshan Zhang and Yi Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020012 +[Abstract](412) +[HTML](308) +[PDF](332.71KB)
On the GSOR iteration method for image restoration
Mehdi Bastani and Davod Khojasteh Salkuyeh
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020013 +[Abstract](498) +[HTML](277) +[PDF](1496.59KB)
On the bang-bang control approach via a component-wise line search strategy for unconstrained optimization
M. S. Lee, H. G. Harno, B. S. Goh and K. H. Lim
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020014 +[Abstract](793) +[HTML](298) +[PDF](543.45KB)
Piecewise quadratic bounding functions for finding real roots of polynomials
Djamel Aaid, Amel Noui and Özen Özer
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020015 +[Abstract](326) +[HTML](189) +[PDF](800.27KB)
Maximum and minimum ranks and inertias of the Hermitian parts of the least rank solution of the matrix equation AXB = C
Sihem Guerarra
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020016 +[Abstract](431) +[HTML](288) +[PDF](327.63KB)
Improving whale optimization algorithm for feature selection with a time-varying transfer function
Mohammed Abdulrazaq Kahya, Suhaib Abduljabbar Altamir and Zakariya Yahya Algamal
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020017 +[Abstract](706) +[HTML](306) +[PDF](2581.29KB)
A density matrix approach to the convergence of the self-consistent field iteration
Parikshit Upadhyaya, Elias Jarlebring and Emanuel H. Rubensson
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020018 +[Abstract](351) +[HTML](186) +[PDF](545.09KB)
A PID control method based on optimal control strategy
Hong Niu, Zhijiang Feng, Qijin Xiao and Yajun Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020019 +[Abstract](352) +[HTML](204) +[PDF](316.51KB)
Dissipative control for uncertain singular markovian jump systems via hybrid impulsive control
Hui Lv and Xing'an Wang
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020020 +[Abstract](339) +[HTML](213) +[PDF](399.91KB)
Numerical simulations of a rolling ball robot actuated by internal point masses
Vakhtang Putkaradze and Stuart Rogers
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020021 +[Abstract](622) +[HTML](292) +[PDF](1727.3KB)
Generalized nash equilibrium problem based on malfatti's problem
Enkhbat Rentsen and Battur Gompil
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020022 +[Abstract](416) +[HTML](193) +[PDF](413.66KB)
Discriminant analysis of regularized multidimensional scaling
Sohana Jahan
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020024 +[Abstract](811) +[HTML](244) +[PDF](626.14KB)
Adaptive discontinuous galerkin finite elements for advective Allen-Cahn equation
Murat Uzunca and Ayşe Sarıaydın-Filibelioǧlu
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020025 +[Abstract](451) +[HTML](221) +[PDF](2075.35KB)
Examination of solving optimal control problems with delays using GPOPS-Ⅱ
John T. Betts, Stephen Campbell and Claire Digirolamo
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020026 +[Abstract](227) +[HTML](115) +[PDF](1716.41KB)
Novel Conditions of Euclidean space controllability for singularly perturbed systems with input delay
Valery Y. Glizer
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020027 +[Abstract](199) +[HTML](117) +[PDF](355.23KB)
Design of experiment for tuning parameters of an ant colony optimization method for the constrained shortest Hamiltonian path problem in the grid networks
Mohsen Abdolhosseinzadeh and Mir Mohammad Alipour
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020028 +[Abstract](259) +[HTML](130) +[PDF](901.04KB)
Neuro-fuzzy active control optimized by Tug of war optimization method for seismically excited benchmark highway bridge
Mostafa Ghelichi, A. M. Goltabar, H. R. Tavakoli and A. Karamodin
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020029 +[Abstract](263) +[HTML](134) +[PDF](1528.92KB)
An inexact alternating direction method of multipliers for a kind of nonlinear complementarity problems
Jie-Wen He, Chi-Chon Lei, Chen-Yang Shi and Seak-Weng Vong
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020030 +[Abstract](253) +[HTML](116) +[PDF](335.09KB)
Optimal control of viral infection model with saturated infection rate
Jaouad Danane
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020031 +[Abstract](248) +[HTML](127) +[PDF](406.57KB)
Behavior of the combination of PRP and HZ methods for unconstrained optimization
Sarra Delladji, Mohammed Belloufi and Badreddine Sellami
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020032 +[Abstract](260) +[HTML](137) +[PDF](430.5KB)
Dynamics of a stage structure prey-predator model with ratio-dependent functional response and anti-predator behavior of adult prey
Prabir Panja, Soovoojeet Jana and Shyamal kumar Mondal
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020033 +[Abstract](243) +[HTML](112) +[PDF](559.27KB)
Solving differential Riccati equations: A nonlinear space-time method using tensor trains
Tobias Breiten, Sergey Dolgov and Martin Stoll
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020034 +[Abstract](44) +[HTML](16) +[PDF](1199.54KB)
Properties of higher order preinvex functions
Muhammad Aslam Noor and Khalida Inayat Noor
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020035 +[Abstract](21) +[HTML](16) +[PDF](298.76KB)
Application of survival theory in Mining industry
Enkhbat Rentsen, J. Enkhbayar, N. Tungalag, O. Battogtokh and L. Enkhtuvshin
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020036 +[Abstract](27) +[HTML](17) +[PDF](242.84KB)
The proximal methods for solving absolute value equation
Samira Shahsavari and Saeed Ketabchi
2020doi: 10.3934/naco.2020037 +[Abstract](22) +[HTML](22) +[PDF](365.8KB)
Recent advances in numerical methods for nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares
Ya-Xiang Yuan
2011, 1(1) : 15-34 doi: 10.3934/naco.2011.1.15 +[Abstract](4615) +[PDF](445.3KB) Cited By(27)
Error bounds for Euler approximation of linear-quadratic control problems with bang-bang solutions
Walter Alt, Robert Baier, Matthias Gerdts and Frank Lempio
2012, 2(3) : 547-570 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.547 +[Abstract](2998) +[PDF](298.8KB) Cited By(26)
Noether's symmetry Theorem for variational and optimal control problems with time delay
Gastão S. F. Frederico and Delfim F. M. Torres
2012, 2(3) : 619-630 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.619 +[Abstract](3039) +[PDF](199.0KB) Cited By(23)
Approximation of reachable sets using optimal control algorithms
Robert Baier, Matthias Gerdts and Ilaria Xausa
2013, 3(3) : 519-548 doi: 10.3934/naco.2013.3.519 +[Abstract](2813) +[PDF](5659.2KB) Cited By(19)
Univariate geometric Lipschitz global optimization algorithms
Dmitri E. Kvasov and Yaroslav D. Sergeyev
2012, 2(1) : 69-90 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.69 +[Abstract](3214) +[PDF](602.3KB) Cited By(19)
Control parameterization for optimal control problems with continuous inequality constraints: New convergence results
Ryan Loxton, Qun Lin, Volker Rehbock and Kok Lay Teo
2012, 2(3) : 571-599 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.571 +[Abstract](3038) +[PDF](325.0KB) Cited By(18)
A modified Fletcher-Reeves-Type derivative-free method for symmetric nonlinear equations
Dong-Hui Li and Xiao-Lin Wang
2011, 1(1) : 71-82 doi: 10.3934/naco.2011.1.71 +[Abstract](3169) +[PDF](194.9KB) Cited By(16)
Linearized alternating direction method of multipliers with Gaussian back substitution for separable convex programming
Bingsheng He and Xiaoming Yuan
2013, 3(2) : 247-260 doi: 10.3934/naco.2013.3.247 +[Abstract](3290) +[PDF](461.8KB) Cited By(15)
A bilevel optimization approach to obtain optimal cost functions for human arm movements
Sebastian Albrecht, Marion Leibold and Michael Ulbrich
2012, 2(1) : 105-127 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.105 +[Abstract](2497) +[PDF](716.7KB) Cited By(14)
Optimal control strategies for tuberculosis treatment: A case study in Angola
Cristiana J. Silva and Delfim F. M. Torres
2012, 2(3) : 601-617 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.601 +[Abstract](3044) +[PDF](342.2KB) Cited By(13)
Optimization problems with orthogonal matrix constraints
K. T. Arasu and Manil T. Mohan
2018, 8(4) : 413-440 doi: 10.3934/naco.2018026 +[Abstract](5752) +[HTML](672) +[PDF](716.28KB) PDF Downloads(470)
A brief survey of methods for solving nonlinear least-squares problems
Hassan Mohammad, Mohammed Yusuf Waziri and Sandra Augusta Santos
2019, 9(1) : 1-13 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019001 +[Abstract](5318) +[HTML](843) +[PDF](397.82KB) PDF Downloads(437)
Formal analysis of the Schulz matrix inversion algorithm: A paradigm towards computer aided verification of general matrix flow solvers
Vassilios A. Tsachouridis, Georgios Giantamidis, Stylianos Basagiannis and Kostas Kouramas
2020, 10(2) : 177-206 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019047 +[Abstract](832) +[HTML](391) +[PDF](1003.84KB) PDF Downloads(361)
Mathematical model of Chimeric Anti-gene Receptor (CAR) T cell therapy with presence of cytokine
Reihaneh Mostolizadeh, Zahra Afsharnezhad and Anna Marciniak-Czochra
2018, 8(1) : 63-80 doi: 10.3934/naco.2018004 +[Abstract](6079) +[HTML](982) +[PDF](271.19KB) PDF Downloads(305)
Integrated modeling and optimization of material flow and financial flow of supply chain network considering financial ratios
Qiong Liu, Ahmad Reza Rezaei, Kuan Yew Wong and Mohammad Mahdi Azami
2019, 9(2) : 113-132 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019009 +[Abstract](2755) +[HTML](636) +[PDF](446.47KB) PDF Downloads(277)
Conformal deformations of a specific class of lorentzian manifolds with non-irreducible holonomy representation
Fatemeh Ahangari
2019, 9(4) : 401-412 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019039 +[Abstract](1563) +[HTML](482) +[PDF](374.08KB) PDF Downloads(261)
Bearing rigidity and formation stabilization for multiple rigid bodies in $ SE(3) $
Liangming Chen, Ming Cao and Chuanjiang Li
2019, 9(3) : 257-267 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019017 +[Abstract](1249) +[HTML](518) +[PDF](432.64KB) PDF Downloads(228)
Numerical solution with analysis of HIV/AIDS dynamics model with effect of fusion and cure rate
Praveen Kumar Gupta and Ajoy Dutta
2019, 9(4) : 393-399 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019038 +[Abstract](1203) +[HTML](321) +[PDF](311.17KB) PDF Downloads(226)
A stochastic approach to model housing markets: The US housing market case
Bilgi Yilmaz and A. Sevtap Selcuk-Kestel
2018, 8(4) : 481-492 doi: 10.3934/naco.2018030 +[Abstract](3811) +[HTML](342) +[PDF](575.18KB) PDF Downloads(223)
Approach to image segmentation based on interval neutrosophic set
Ye Yuan, Yan Ren, Xiaodong Liu and Jing Wang
2020, 10(1) : 1-11 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019028 +[Abstract](2180) +[HTML](634) +[PDF](1250.65KB) PDF Downloads(223)




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