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Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization (NACO) aims at publishing original research papers in applied mathematics, with focus indicated by the journal title. Topics of interest include the following: numerical linear algebra (linear system of equations, least squares problem, matrix decomposition, eigenvalue problem, etc.), matrix and tensor approximation, nonlinear system of equations; analysis of control systems (controllability, observability, stabilizability, etc.), optimal control (variational method, dynamic programming, infinite dimensional and stochastic problems, etc.), differential games (of two-person, multi-person, mean-field, etc.), numerical aspects of control problems; linear, quadratic, nonlinear, convex and nonconvex programming, complementarity and variational analysis, combinatorial, discrete, and stochastic optimization. Special application interests include artificial intelligence, data sciences, machine learning, and mathematical finance that are related to the scope of the journal in the broad senses. The journal also welcomes expository submissions on subjects of current relevance. The publication in NACO is free of charge.

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Comparison between Taylor and perturbed method for Volterra integral equation of the first kind
Noui Djaidja and Mostefa Nadir
2021, 11(4) : 487-493 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020039 +[Abstract](975) +[HTML](433) +[PDF](308.99KB)
Asymptotic approximation to a solution of a singularly perturbed linear-quadratic optimal control problem with second-order linear ordinary differential equation of state variable
Nguyen Thi Hoai
2021, 11(4) : 495-512 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020040 +[Abstract](1191) +[HTML](420) +[PDF](468.75KB)
A primal-dual interior point method for $ P_{\ast }\left( \kappa \right) $-HLCP based on a class of parametric kernel functions
Nadia Hazzam and Zakia Kebbiche
2021, 11(4) : 513-531 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020053 +[Abstract](806) +[HTML](359) +[PDF](449.06KB)
A new methodology for solving bi-criterion fractional stochastic programming
Yahia Zare Mehrjerdi
2021, 11(4) : 533-554 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020054 +[Abstract](795) +[HTML](375) +[PDF](443.7KB)
Global and regional constrained controllability for distributed parabolic linear systems: RHUM approach
Touria Karite and Ali Boutoulout
2021, 11(4) : 555-566 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020055 +[Abstract](731) +[HTML](319) +[PDF](379.71KB)
Individual biometrics pattern based artificial image analysis techniques
Israa Mohammed Khudher, Yahya Ismail Ibrahim and Suhaib Abduljabbar Altamir
2021, 11(4) : 567-578 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020056 +[Abstract](496) +[HTML](288) +[PDF](430.99KB)
A novel hybrid AGWO-PSO algorithm in mitigation of power network oscillations with STATCOM
Ramesh Devarapalli and Biplab Bhattacharyya
2021, 11(4) : 579-611 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020057 +[Abstract](756) +[HTML](280) +[PDF](3088.97KB)
A modified Nelder-Mead barrier method for constrained optimization
C. J. Price
2021, 11(4) : 613-631 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020058 +[Abstract](950) +[HTML](348) +[PDF](428.7KB)
Solving nonlinear differential equations using hybrid method between Lyapunov's artificial small parameter and continuous particle swarm optimization
Omar Saber Qasim, Ahmed Entesar and Waleed Al-Hayani
2021, 11(4) : 633-644 doi: 10.3934/naco.2021001 +[Abstract](685) +[HTML](290) +[PDF](413.37KB)
Direct method to solve linear-quadratic optimal control problems
Mohamed Aliane, Mohand Bentobache, Nacima Moussouni and Philippe Marthon
2021, 11(4) : 645-663 doi: 10.3934/naco.2021002 +[Abstract](681) +[HTML](292) +[PDF](372.25KB)
An alternate gradient method for optimization problems with orthogonality constraints
Yanmei Sun and Yakui Huang
2021, 11(4) : 665-676 doi: 10.3934/naco.2021003 +[Abstract](584) +[HTML](283) +[PDF](374.52KB)
Preconditioned inexact Newton-like method for large nonsymmetric eigenvalue problems
Hong-Yi Miao and Li Wang
2021, 11(4) : 677-685 doi: 10.3934/naco.2021012 +[Abstract](552) +[HTML](229) +[PDF](333.38KB)
A new inertial-projection algorithm for approximating common solution of variational inequality and fixed point problems of multivalued mappings
Abd-semii Oluwatosin-Enitan Owolabi, Timilehin Opeyemi Alakoya, Adeolu Taiwo and Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021004 +[Abstract](668) +[HTML](451) +[PDF](504.04KB)
Optimal control of a dynamical system with intermediate phase constraints and applications in cash management
Mourad Azi and Mohand Ouamer Bibi
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021005 +[Abstract](597) +[HTML](281) +[PDF](399.61KB)
Convergence of interval AOR method for linear interval equations
Jahnabi Chakravarty, Ashiho Athikho and Manideepa Saha
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021006 +[Abstract](611) +[HTML](314) +[PDF](382.7KB)
Discrete-time realization of fractional-order proportional integral controller for a class of fractional-order system
Jaydeep Swarnakar
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021007 +[Abstract](348) +[HTML](162) +[PDF](647.25KB)
Applying particle swarm optimization based on Padé approximant to solve ordinary differential equation
Abdulrazzaq T. Abed and Azzam S. Y. Aladool
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021008 +[Abstract](691) +[HTML](268) +[PDF](3345.32KB)
Controllability and observability of stochastic implicit systems and stochastic GE-evolution operator
Zhaoqiang Ge
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021009 +[Abstract](484) +[HTML](218) +[PDF](338.78KB)
Second order discrete time-varying and time-invariant linear continuous systems and Kalman type conditions
Elimhan N. Mahmudov
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021010 +[Abstract](479) +[HTML](233) +[PDF](397.82KB)
A modified extragradient algorithm for a certain class of split pseudo-monotone variational inequality problem
Grace Nnennaya Ogwo, Chinedu Izuchukwu and Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021011 +[Abstract](488) +[HTML](213) +[PDF](584.51KB)
Caputo fractional derivative operational matrices of Legendre and Chebyshev wavelets in fractional delay optimal control
Iman Malmir
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021013 +[Abstract](497) +[HTML](377) +[PDF](831.42KB)
$ V $-$ E $-invexity in $ E $-differentiable multiobjective programming
Najeeb Abdulaleem
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021014 +[Abstract](670) +[HTML](278) +[PDF](390.34KB)
Some representations of moore-penrose inverse for the sum of two operators and the extension of the fill-fishkind formula
Abdessalam Kara and Said Guedjiba
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021015 +[Abstract](404) +[HTML](261) +[PDF](331.84KB)
Iterative Rational Krylov Algorithms for model reduction of a class of constrained structural dynamic system with Engineering applications
Xin Du, M. Monir Uddin, A. Mostakim Fony, Md. Tanzim Hossain and Md. Nazmul Islam Shuzan
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021016 +[Abstract](437) +[HTML](167) +[PDF](461.69KB)
Long-step path-following algorithm for quantum information theory: Some numerical aspects and applications
Leonid Faybusovich and Cunlu Zhou
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021017 +[Abstract](380) +[HTML](173) +[PDF](459.36KB)
Analysis of Rayleigh Taylor instability in nanofluids with rotation
Pooja Girotra, Jyoti Ahuja and Dinesh Verma
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021018 +[Abstract](368) +[HTML](193) +[PDF](731.83KB)
A novel methodology for portfolio selection in fuzzy multi criteria environment using risk-benefit analysis and fractional stochastic
Yahia Zare Mehrjerdi
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021019 +[Abstract](349) +[HTML](217) +[PDF](5876.22KB)
Convex optimization without convexity of constraints on non-necessarily convex sets and its applications in customer satisfaction in automotive industry
Kamran Jalilian and Kameleh Nasiri Pirbazari
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021020 +[Abstract](322) +[HTML](144) +[PDF](341.53KB)
Application of the bernstein polynomials for solving the nonlinear fractional type Volterra integro-differential equation with caputo fractional derivatives
Miloud Moussai
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021021 +[Abstract](358) +[HTML](160) +[PDF](421.06KB)
A modified Liu-Storey-Conjugate descent hybrid projection method for convex constrained nonlinear equations and image restoration
Abdulkarim Hassan Ibrahim, Jitsupa Deepho, Auwal Bala Abubakar and Kazeem Olalekan Aremu
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021022 +[Abstract](351) +[HTML](172) +[PDF](927.64KB)
Time-optimal of fixed wing UAV aircraft with input and output constraints
M. H. Shavakh and B. Bidabad
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021023 +[Abstract](247) +[HTML](130) +[PDF](611.49KB)
Consensus stability analysis for stochastic multi-agent systems with multiplicative measurement noises and Markovian switching topologies
Xiaojin Huang, Hongfu Yang and Jianhua Huang
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021024 +[Abstract](247) +[HTML](121) +[PDF](445.46KB)
Adaptive controllability of microscopic chaos generated in chemical reactor system using anti-synchronization strategy
Taqseer Khan and Harindri Chaudhary
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021025 +[Abstract](231) +[HTML](120) +[PDF](960.23KB)
The Numerical Solution of the space-time fractional diffusion equation involving the Caputo-Katugampola fractional derivative
Kaouther Bouchama, Yacine Arioua and Abdelkrim Merzougui
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021026 +[Abstract](313) +[HTML](134) +[PDF](473.12KB)
Smooth augmented Lagrangian method for twin bounded support vector machine
Fatemeh Bazikar, Saeed Ketabchi and Hossein Moosaei
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021027 +[Abstract](227) +[HTML](120) +[PDF](645.27KB)
A dual Bregman proximal gradient method for relatively-strongly convex optimization
Jin-Zan Liu and Xin-Wei Liu
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021028 +[Abstract](241) +[HTML](89) +[PDF](416.24KB)
A mesh adaptation algorithm using new monitor and estimator function for discontinuous and layered solution
Prabhat Mishra, Vikas Gupta and Ritesh Kumar Dubey
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021029 +[Abstract](293) +[HTML](96) +[PDF](13202.59KB)
On optimal stochastic jumps in multi server queue with impatient customers via stochastic control
Ali Delavarkhalafi
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021030 +[Abstract](218) +[HTML](85) +[PDF](608.91KB)
A quadrature rule of Lobatto-Gaussian for numerical integration of analytic functions
Sanjit Kumar Mohanty and Rajani Ballav Dash
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021031 +[Abstract](218) +[HTML](95) +[PDF](575.0KB)
Second order cone programming formulation of the fixed cost allocation in DEA based on Nash bargaining game
Narges Torabi Golsefid and Maziar Salahi
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021032 +[Abstract](213) +[HTML](101) +[PDF](671.02KB)
Smoothing approximations for piecewise smooth functions: A probabilistic approach
Elmehdi Amhraoui and Tawfik Masrour
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021033 +[Abstract](251) +[HTML](87) +[PDF](956.56KB)
A new hybrid method for shape optimization with application to semiconductor equations
Youness El Yazidi and Abdellatif ELLABIB
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021034 +[Abstract](200) +[HTML](94) +[PDF](420.07KB)
Modelling and analysis of prey-predator model involving predation of mature prey using delay differential equations
Pankaj Kumar and Shiv Raj
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021035 +[Abstract](4) +[HTML](4) +[PDF](560.28KB)
Dynamical complexity in a delayed Plankton-Fish model with alternative food for predators
Rajinder Pal Kaur, Amit Sharma and Anuj Kumar Sharma
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021036 +[Abstract](4) +[HTML](8) +[PDF](2838.78KB)
Inertial method for split null point problems with pseudomonotone variational inequality problems
Chibueze Christian Okeke, Abdulmalik Usman Bello, Lateef Olakunle Jolaoso and Kingsley Chimuanya Ukandu
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021037 +[Abstract](4) +[HTML](5) +[PDF](558.01KB)
Triple-hierarchical problems with variational inequality
Thanyarat JItpeera, Tamaki Tanaka and Poom Kumam
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021038 +[Abstract](4) +[HTML](4) +[PDF](363.07KB)
Modified inertial algorithm for solving mixed equilibrium problems in Hadamard spaces
Abdul Rahim Khan, Chinedu Izuchukwu, Maggie Aphane and Godwin Chidi Ugwunnadi
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021039 +[Abstract](5) +[HTML](4) +[PDF](477.89KB)
Geodesic $ \mathcal{E} $-prequasi-invex function and its applications to non-linear programming problems
Akhlad Iqbal and Praveen Kumar
2021doi: 10.3934/naco.2021040 +[Abstract](3) +[HTML](4) +[PDF](324.08KB)
Recent advances in numerical methods for nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares
Ya-Xiang Yuan
2011, 1(1) : 15-34 doi: 10.3934/naco.2011.1.15 +[Abstract](6389) +[PDF](445.3KB) Cited By(39)
Control parameterization for optimal control problems with continuous inequality constraints: New convergence results
Ryan Loxton, Qun Lin, Volker Rehbock and Kok Lay Teo
2012, 2(3) : 571-599 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.571 +[Abstract](4154) +[PDF](325.0KB) Cited By(36)
Noether's symmetry Theorem for variational and optimal control problems with time delay
Gastão S. F. Frederico and Delfim F. M. Torres
2012, 2(3) : 619-630 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.619 +[Abstract](3981) +[PDF](199.0KB) Cited By(27)
Error bounds for Euler approximation of linear-quadratic control problems with bang-bang solutions
Walter Alt, Robert Baier, Matthias Gerdts and Frank Lempio
2012, 2(3) : 547-570 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.547 +[Abstract](4070) +[PDF](298.8KB) Cited By(27)
A modified Fletcher-Reeves-Type derivative-free method for symmetric nonlinear equations
Dong-Hui Li and Xiao-Lin Wang
2011, 1(1) : 71-82 doi: 10.3934/naco.2011.1.71 +[Abstract](4376) +[PDF](194.9KB) Cited By(24)
Optimal control strategies for tuberculosis treatment: A case study in Angola
Cristiana J. Silva and Delfim F. M. Torres
2012, 2(3) : 601-617 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.601 +[Abstract](4034) +[PDF](342.2KB) Cited By(23)
On general nonlinear constrained mechanical systems
Firdaus E. Udwadia and Thanapat Wanichanon
2013, 3(3) : 425-443 doi: 10.3934/naco.2013.3.425 +[Abstract](2790) +[PDF](443.3KB) Cited By(21)
A robust multi-trip vehicle routing problem of perishable products with intermediate depots and time windows
Erfan Babaee Tirkolaee, Alireza Goli, Mani Bakhsi and Iraj Mahdavi
2017, 7(4) : 417-433 doi: 10.3934/naco.2017026 +[Abstract](5461) +[HTML](1079) +[PDF](571.0KB) Cited By(20)
Approximation of reachable sets using optimal control algorithms
Robert Baier, Matthias Gerdts and Ilaria Xausa
2013, 3(3) : 519-548 doi: 10.3934/naco.2013.3.519 +[Abstract](4245) +[PDF](5659.2KB) Cited By(20)
Univariate geometric Lipschitz global optimization algorithms
Dmitri E. Kvasov and Yaroslav D. Sergeyev
2012, 2(1) : 69-90 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.69 +[Abstract](4337) +[PDF](602.3KB) Cited By(20)
Formal analysis of the Schulz matrix inversion algorithm: A paradigm towards computer aided verification of general matrix flow solvers
Vassilios A. Tsachouridis, Georgios Giantamidis, Stylianos Basagiannis and Kostas Kouramas
2020, 10(2) : 177-206 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019047 +[Abstract](1943) +[HTML](686) +[PDF](1003.84KB) PDF Downloads(1082)
Optimization problems with orthogonal matrix constraints
K. T. Arasu and Manil T. Mohan
2018, 8(4) : 413-440 doi: 10.3934/naco.2018026 +[Abstract](8000) +[HTML](1136) +[PDF](716.28KB) PDF Downloads(1039)
A brief survey of methods for solving nonlinear least-squares problems
Hassan Mohammad, Mohammed Yusuf Waziri and Sandra Augusta Santos
2019, 9(1) : 1-13 doi: 10.3934/naco.2019001 +[Abstract](7445) +[HTML](1268) +[PDF](397.82KB) PDF Downloads(992)
On a two-phase approximate greatest descent method for nonlinear optimization with equality constraints
M. S. Lee, B. S. Goh, H. G. Harno and K. H. Lim
2018, 8(3) : 315-326 doi: 10.3934/naco.2018020 +[Abstract](4005) +[HTML](406) +[PDF](770.98KB) PDF Downloads(856)
Closed-form expression for the inverse of a class of tridiagonal matrices
Sigve Hovda
2016, 6(4) : 437-445 doi: 10.3934/naco.2016019 +[Abstract](2937) +[PDF](313.0KB) PDF Downloads(731)
A robust optimization model for sustainable and resilient closed-loop supply chain network design considering conditional value at risk
Reza Lotfi, Yahia Zare Mehrjerdi, Mir Saman Pishvaee, Ahmad Sadeghieh and Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
2021, 11(2) : 221-253 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020023 +[Abstract](1775) +[HTML](1489) +[PDF](1253.34KB) PDF Downloads(728)
Improving whale optimization algorithm for feature selection with a time-varying transfer function
Mohammed Abdulrazaq Kahya, Suhaib Abduljabbar Altamir and Zakariya Yahya Algamal
2021, 11(1) : 87-98 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020017 +[Abstract](2129) +[HTML](806) +[PDF](2599.31KB) PDF Downloads(707)
A stochastic approach to model housing markets: The US housing market case
Bilgi Yilmaz and A. Sevtap Selcuk-Kestel
2018, 8(4) : 481-492 doi: 10.3934/naco.2018030 +[Abstract](5008) +[HTML](662) +[PDF](575.18KB) PDF Downloads(657)
On fractional quadratic optimization problem with two quadratic constraints
Arezu Zare, Mohammad Keyanpour and Maziar Salahi
2020, 10(3) : 301-315 doi: 10.3934/naco.2020003 +[Abstract](1685) +[HTML](691) +[PDF](4236.33KB) PDF Downloads(617)
A simplex grey wolf optimizer for solving integer programming and minimax problems
Mohamed A. Tawhid and Ahmed F. Ali
2017, 7(3) : 301-323 doi: 10.3934/naco.2017020 +[Abstract](4798) +[HTML](386) +[PDF](600.9KB) PDF Downloads(562)

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