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Mathematical Control and Related Fields (MCRF) aims to publish original research as well as expository papers on mathematical control theory and related fields. The goal is to provide a complete and reliable source of mathematical methods and results in this field. The journal will also accept papers from some related fields such as differential equations, functional analysis, probability theory and stochastic analysis, inverse problems, optimization, numerical analysis and scientific computation, machine learning, data sciences, mathematical finance, information theory, game theory, system theory, and various applications, provided that they have some intrinsic connections with control theory.

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Preface special issue on recent advances in mathematical control theory
Qi Lü and Xu Zhang
2022, 12(4) : i-i doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022044 +[Abstract](14) +[HTML](7) +[PDF](68.47KB)
A concise introduction to control theory for stochastic partial differential equations
Qi Lü and Xu Zhang
2022, 12(4) : 847-954 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021020 +[Abstract](2395) +[HTML](589) +[PDF](844.63KB)
Control of reaction-diffusion models in biology and social sciences
Domènec Ruiz-Balet and Enrique Zuazua
2022, 12(4) : 955-1038 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022032 +[Abstract](163) +[HTML](64) +[PDF](7312.23KB)
Stochastic optimal control — A concise introduction
Jiongmin Yong
2022, 12(4) : 1039-1136 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020027 +[Abstract](6505) +[HTML](1875) +[PDF](664.88KB)
Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian mean-field controls of social optima
Zhenghong Qiu, Jianhui Huang and Tinghan Xie
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021047 +[Abstract](968) +[HTML](307) +[PDF](879.43KB)
Parameter learning and fractional differential operators: Applications in regularized image denoising and decomposition problems
Sören Bartels and Nico Weber
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021048 +[Abstract](1095) +[HTML](325) +[PDF](9017.44KB)
Continuity with respect to the speed for optimal ship forms based on Michell's formula
Julien Dambrine and Morgan Pierre
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021049 +[Abstract](825) +[HTML](372) +[PDF](4237.36KB)
Existence and uniqueness for variational data assimilation in continuous time
Jochen Bröcker
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021050 +[Abstract](784) +[HTML](287) +[PDF](432.75KB)
Null controllability of a nonlinear age, space and two-sex structured population dynamics model
Yacouba Simporé and Oumar Traoré
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021052 +[Abstract](882) +[HTML](316) +[PDF](598.48KB)
Open-loop equilibriums for a general class of time-inconsistent stochastic optimal control problems
Ishak Alia
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021053 +[Abstract](814) +[HTML](422) +[PDF](566.08KB)
Commutative properties for conservative space-time DG discretizations of optimal control problems involving the viscous Burgers equation
Xenia Kerkhoff and Sandra May
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021054 +[Abstract](1278) +[HTML](275) +[PDF](571.47KB)
Eigenvalues of stochastic Hamiltonian systems with boundary conditions and its application
Guangdong Jing and Penghui Wang
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021055 +[Abstract](552) +[HTML](206) +[PDF](491.27KB)
Piezoelectric beams with magnetic effect and localized damping
Mounir Afilal, Abdelaziz Soufyane and Mauro de Lima Santos
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021056 +[Abstract](594) +[HTML](203) +[PDF](379.73KB)
Stability and asymptotic properties of dissipative evolution equations coupled with ordinary differential equations
Serge Nicaise
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021057 +[Abstract](667) +[HTML](203) +[PDF](550.06KB)
General decay and blow-up for coupled Kirchhoff wave equations with dynamic boundary conditions
Mengxian Lv and Jianghao Hao
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021058 +[Abstract](611) +[HTML](203) +[PDF](440.36KB)
Energy decay of some boundary coupled systems involving wave\ Euler-Bernoulli beam with one locally singular fractional Kelvin-Voigt damping
Mohammad Akil, Ibtissam Issa and Ali Wehbe
2021doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021059 +[Abstract](756) +[HTML](212) +[PDF](623.76KB)
Constructive exact control of semilinear 1D heat equations
Jérôme Lemoine and Arnaud Münch
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022001 +[Abstract](654) +[HTML](163) +[PDF](511.87KB)
On the controllability of the BBM equation
Melek Jellouli
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022002 +[Abstract](500) +[HTML](180) +[PDF](419.43KB)
Optimal control of parameterized stationary Maxwell's system: Reduced basis, convergence analysis, and a posteriori error estimates
Quyen Tran, Harbir Antil and Hugo Díaz
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022003 +[Abstract](494) +[HTML](147) +[PDF](415.51KB)
A semigroup approach to stochastic systems with input delay at the boundary
S. Hadd and F.Z. Lahbiri
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022004 +[Abstract](439) +[HTML](144) +[PDF](369.62KB)
Carleman estimates for a magnetohydrodynamics system and application to inverse source problems
Xinchi Huang and Masahiro Yamamoto
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022005 +[Abstract](369) +[HTML](107) +[PDF](409.89KB)
The discretized backstepping method: An application to a general system of $ 2\times 2 $ linear balance laws
Mathias Dus
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022006 +[Abstract](377) +[HTML](121) +[PDF](566.82KB)
Stability and instability of standing waves for Gross-Pitaevskii equations with double power nonlinearities
Yue Zhang and Jian Zhang
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022007 +[Abstract](373) +[HTML](136) +[PDF](524.43KB)
A differential game control problem with state constraints
Nidhal Gammoudi and Hasnaa Zidani
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022008 +[Abstract](385) +[HTML](159) +[PDF](519.67KB)
Optimal control of a global model of climate change with adaptation and mitigation
Manoj Atolia, Prakash Loungani, Helmut Maurer and Willi Semmler
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022009 +[Abstract](453) +[HTML](129) +[PDF](891.4KB)
Theoretical and computational decay results for a memory type wave equation with variable-exponent nonlinearity
Adel M. Al-Mahdi, Mohammad M. Al-Gharabli and Mostafa Zahri
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022010 +[Abstract](434) +[HTML](136) +[PDF](702.86KB)
Analysis of exponential stabilization for Rao-Nakra sandwich beam with time-varying weight and time-varying delay: Multiplier method versus observability
Baowei Feng, Carlos Alberto Raposo, Carlos Alberto Nonato and Abdelaziz Soufyane
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022011 +[Abstract](407) +[HTML](225) +[PDF](388.87KB)
A general maximum principle for partially observed mean-field stochastic system with random jumps in progressive structure
Tian Chen and Zhen Wu
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022012 +[Abstract](439) +[HTML](282) +[PDF](394.92KB)
Variational discretization of one-dimensional elliptic optimal control problems with BV functions based on the mixed formulation
Evelyn Herberg and Michael Hinze
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022013 +[Abstract](340) +[HTML](115) +[PDF](590.13KB)
Boundary control for transport equations
Guillaume Bal and Alexandre Jollivet
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022014 +[Abstract](434) +[HTML](125) +[PDF](716.81KB)
Optimal control problems of parabolic fractional Sturm-Liouville equations in a star graph
Günter Leugering, Gisèle Mophou, Maryse Moutamal and Mahamadi Warma
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022015 +[Abstract](417) +[HTML](116) +[PDF](508.11KB)
Averaged turnpike property for differential equations with random constant coefficients
Martín Hernández, Rodrigo Lecaros and Sebastián Zamorano
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022016 +[Abstract](586) +[HTML](109) +[PDF](511.61KB)
Uniqueness for inverse problem of determining fractional orders for time-fractional advection-diffusion equations
Masahiro Yamamoto
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022017 +[Abstract](321) +[HTML](118) +[PDF](396.33KB)
Approximation of linear controlled dynamical systems with small random noise and fast periodic sampling
Shivam Dhama and Chetan D. Pahlajani
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022018 +[Abstract](360) +[HTML](102) +[PDF](463.18KB)
Second-order problems involving time-dependent subdifferential operators and application to control
Soumia Saïdi and Fatima Fennour
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022019 +[Abstract](490) +[HTML](110) +[PDF](420.7KB)
Dynamical estimation of a noisy input in a system with a Caputo fractional derivative. The case of continuous measurements of a part of phase coordinates
Platon Surkov
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022020 +[Abstract](366) +[HTML](96) +[PDF](655.97KB)
A geometric approach of gradient descent algorithms in linear neural networks
Yacine Chitour, Zhenyu Liao and Romain Couillet
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022021 +[Abstract](345) +[HTML](130) +[PDF](649.19KB)
Lifespan estimates of solutions to quasilinear wave equations with damping and negative mass term
Jie Yang, Sen Ming, Wei Han and Xiongmei Fan
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022022 +[Abstract](170) +[HTML](74) +[PDF](3471.36KB)
Time-consistent lifetime portfolio selection under smooth ambiguity
Luyang Yu, Liyuan Lin, Guohui Guan and Jingzhen Liu
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022023 +[Abstract](411) +[HTML](79) +[PDF](1762.36KB)
Barrier Lyapunov functions-based adaptive neural tracking control for non-strict feedback stochastic nonlinear systems with full-state constraints: A command filter approach
Parisa Seifi and Seyed Kamal Hosseini Sani
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022024 +[Abstract](247) +[HTML](179) +[PDF](988.7KB)
Identifying a space-dependent source term in distributed order time-fractional diffusion equations
Dinh Nguyen Duy Hai
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022025 +[Abstract](461) +[HTML](221) +[PDF](302.85KB)
Impulse null approximate controllability for heat equation with dynamic boundary conditions
Salah-Eddine Chorfi, Ghita El Guermai, Lahcen Maniar and Walid Zouhair
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022026 +[Abstract](221) +[HTML](86) +[PDF](456.09KB)
Local controllability of the bilinear 1D Schrödinger equation with simultaneous estimates
Mégane Bournissou
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022027 +[Abstract](157) +[HTML](66) +[PDF](451.38KB)
Controllability of the linear elasticity as a first-order system using a stabilized space-time mixed formulation
Arthur Bottois and Nicolae Cîndea
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022028 +[Abstract](174) +[HTML](57) +[PDF](9795.13KB)
Control theory approach to continuous-time finite state mean field games
Yurii Averboukh
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022029 +[Abstract](112) +[HTML](38) +[PDF](343.12KB)
Optimal reinsurance-investment problem for a general insurance company under a generalized dynamic contagion claim model
Fan Wu, Xin Zhang and Zhibin Liang
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022030 +[Abstract](174) +[HTML](121) +[PDF](1220.15KB)
Feedback law to stabilize linear infinite-dimensional systems
Yaxing Ma, Gengsheng Wang and Huaiqiang Yu
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022031 +[Abstract](205) +[HTML](43) +[PDF](458.73KB)
Correction To "Null controllability of a nonlinear age, space and two-sex structured population dynamics model"
Yacouba Simporé and Oumar Traoré
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022033 +[Abstract](135) +[HTML](31) +[PDF](227.2KB)
Optimal dividend and capital injection strategies in common shock dependence model with time-inconsistent preferences
Bo Yang, Rongming Wang and Gongpin Cheng
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022034 +[Abstract](107) +[HTML](47) +[PDF](504.66KB)
Input-to-state stability of non-autonomous infinite-dimensional control systems
Hanen Damak
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022035 +[Abstract](108) +[HTML](69) +[PDF](422.21KB)
Deep Learning approximation of diffeomorphisms via linear-control systems
Alessandro Scagliotti
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022036 +[Abstract](96) +[HTML](41) +[PDF](961.36KB)
Exponential and polynomial stabilization of laminated beams with two history memories
Teófanes Quispe Méndez, Victor R. Cabanillas and Baowei Feng
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022037 +[Abstract](114) +[HTML](35) +[PDF](517.38KB)
Causal state feedback representation for linear quadratic optimal control problems of singular Volterra integral equations
Shuo Han, Ping Lin and Jiongmin Yong
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022038 +[Abstract](92) +[HTML](39) +[PDF](547.72KB)
The application of a universal separating vector lemma to optimal sampled-data control problems with nonsmooth Mayer cost function
Samir Adly, Loïc Bourdin and Gaurav Dhar
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022039 +[Abstract](84) +[HTML](32) +[PDF](699.49KB)
Numerical boundary control for semilinear hyperbolic systems
Stephan Gerster, Felix Nagel, Aleksey Sikstel and Giuseppe Visconti
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022040 +[Abstract](91) +[HTML](63) +[PDF](2051.34KB)
On the new coupled complex boundary method in shape optimization framework for solving stationary free boundary problems
Julius Fergy T. Rabago
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022041 +[Abstract](99) +[HTML](20) +[PDF](3325.08KB)
First order necessary condition for stochastic evolution control systems with random generators
Yu Zhang
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022042 +[Abstract](15) +[HTML](5) +[PDF](535.41KB)
Feedback control of isolation and contact for SIQR epidemic model via strict Lyapunov function
Hiroshi Ito, Michael Malisoff and Frédéric Mazenc
2022doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2022043 +[Abstract](15) +[HTML](13) +[PDF](1411.52KB)
Recent results on the controllability of linear coupled parabolic problems: A survey
Farid Ammar-Khodja, Assia Benabdallah, Manuel González-Burgos and Luz de Teresa
2011, 1(3) : 267-306 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.267 +[Abstract](4864) +[PDF](671.6KB) Cited By(69)
Time-inconsistent optimal control problems and the equilibrium HJB equation
Jiongmin Yong
2012, 2(3) : 271-329 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2012.2.271 +[Abstract](6442) +[PDF](637.9KB) Cited By(61)
Strict Lyapunov functions for semilinear parabolic partial differential equations
Frédéric Mazenc and Christophe Prieur
2011, 1(2) : 231-250 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.231 +[Abstract](4923) +[PDF](929.8KB) Cited By(52)
Inverse source problem with a final overdetermination for a fractional diffusion equation
Kenichi Sakamoto and Masahiro Yamamoto
2011, 1(4) : 509-518 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.509 +[Abstract](5593) +[PDF](316.6KB) Cited By(43)
Sparse stabilization and optimal control of the Cucker-Smale model
Marco Caponigro, Massimo Fornasier, Benedetto Piccoli and Emmanuel Trélat
2013, 3(4) : 447-466 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2013.3.447 +[Abstract](6267) +[PDF](467.3KB) Cited By(42)
A linear-quadratic optimal control problem for mean-field stochastic differential equations in infinite horizon
Jianhui Huang, Xun Li and Jiongmin Yong
2015, 5(1) : 97-139 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2015.5.97 +[Abstract](6375) +[PDF](614.2KB) Cited By(39)
Control of a Korteweg-de Vries equation: A tutorial
Eduardo Cerpa
2014, 4(1) : 45-99 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2014.4.45 +[Abstract](5668) +[PDF](701.7KB) Cited By(32)
A deterministic linear quadratic time-inconsistent optimal control problem
Jiongmin Yong
2011, 1(1) : 83-118 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.83 +[Abstract](25150) +[PDF](442.3KB) Cited By(25)
Characterizations of integral input-to-state stability for bilinear systems in infinite dimensions
Andrii Mironchenko and Hiroshi Ito
2016, 6(3) : 447-466 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2016011 +[Abstract](4834) +[PDF](531.3KB) Cited By(22)
Time-delayed boundary feedback stabilization of the isothermal Euler equations with friction
Martin Gugat and Markus Dick
2011, 1(4) : 469-491 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.469 +[Abstract](4680) +[PDF](368.5KB) Cited By(20)
Stochastic optimal control — A concise introduction
Jiongmin Yong
2022, 12(4) : 1039-1136 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020027 +[Abstract](6505) +[HTML](1875) +[PDF](664.88KB) PDF Downloads(2043)
A concise introduction to control theory for stochastic partial differential equations
Qi Lü and Xu Zhang
2022, 12(4) : 847-954 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021020 +[Abstract](2395) +[HTML](589) +[PDF](844.63KB) PDF Downloads(839)
Linear-quadratic-Gaussian mean-field-game with partial observation and common noise
Alain Bensoussan, Xinwei Feng and Jianhui Huang
2021, 11(1) : 23-46 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020025 +[Abstract](2264) +[HTML](340) +[PDF](556.27KB) PDF Downloads(681)
Stochastic impulse control Problem with state and time dependent cost functions
Brahim El Asri and Sehail Mazid
2020, 10(4) : 855-875 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020022 +[Abstract](2012) +[HTML](430) +[PDF](458.25KB) PDF Downloads(624)
Extension of the strong law of large numbers for capacities
Zengjing Chen, Weihuan Huang and Panyu Wu
2019, 9(1) : 175-190 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2019010 +[Abstract](5771) +[HTML](809) +[PDF](403.95KB) PDF Downloads(614)
Fractional optimal control problems on a star graph: Optimality system and numerical solution
Vaibhav Mehandiratta, Mani Mehra and Günter Leugering
2021, 11(1) : 189-209 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020033 +[Abstract](2894) +[HTML](252) +[PDF](562.18KB) PDF Downloads(579)
Maximum principle for discrete-time stochastic optimal control problem and stochastic game
Zhen Wu and Feng Zhang
2022, 12(2) : 475-493 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021031 +[Abstract](1338) +[HTML](357) +[PDF](609.58KB) PDF Downloads(562)
Inverse optimal control of regime-switching jump diffusions
Wensheng Yin, Jinde Cao and Yong Ren
2022, 12(3) : 567-579 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2021034 +[Abstract](1137) +[HTML](490) +[PDF](309.19KB) PDF Downloads(561)
Optimal control of the coefficient for the regional fractional $p$-Laplace equation: Approximation and convergence
Harbir Antil and Mahamadi Warma
2019, 9(1) : 1-38 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2019001 +[Abstract](6102) +[HTML](937) +[PDF](617.03KB) PDF Downloads(560)
Pairs trading: An optimal selling rule
Kevin Kuo, Phong Luu, Duy Nguyen, Eric Perkerson, Katherine Thompson and Qing Zhang
2015, 5(3) : 489-499 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2015.5.489 +[Abstract](3925) +[PDF](335.5KB) PDF Downloads(545)

2021 Impact Factor: 1.141
5 Year Impact Factor: 1.362
2021 CiteScore: 2.4




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