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Volume 2, 2017

Volume 1, 2016

Big Data & Information Analytics

Guide for Authors

Citations (1) Each citation and reference in your manuscript must play an essential role.  (2) An explanation for each reference must be clearly integrated into the narrative of your manuscript.  (3) Do not cite any reference if your paper is not affected without it.

Authors while submitting manuscripts to BigDIA for publication are advised to

•  send .pdf file of the manuscript

•  use the format of AIMS journals, following the Instruction for Authors .

•  for the first volume, please send the submission in PDF file directly to the managing editor-in-chief Dr. Jianhong Wu for rapid processing of the review process, instruction for submission to subsequent volumes will be posted soon.

•  provide primary and secondary codes for Mathematical Subject Classification and/or ACM Computing Classification System.

•  provide 5-8 key words for each submitted manuscript.

At AIMS, we do everything we can to have your article reach as many interested readers as possible, and we encourage authors to do the same. Please consider sharing a link to your article on relevant social media such as ResearchGate and LinkedIn.




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