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Some multivariate polynomials for doubled permutations
Bin Han
2021, 29(2) : 1925-1944 doi: 10.3934/era.2020098 +[Abstract](607) +[HTML](287) +[PDF](398.24KB)
The sharp time decay rate of the isentropic Navier-Stokes system in $ {\mathop{\mathbb R\kern 0pt}\nolimits}^3 $
Yuhui Chen, Ronghua Pan and Leilei Tong
2021, 29(2) : 1945-1967 doi: 10.3934/era.2020099 +[Abstract](498) +[HTML](259) +[PDF](461.93KB)
Regular random attractors for non-autonomous stochastic reaction-diffusion equations on thin domains
Dingshi Li and Xuemin Wang
2021, 29(2) : 1969-1990 doi: 10.3934/era.2020100 +[Abstract](451) +[HTML](252) +[PDF](462.41KB)
Computational aspects of the multiscale discontinuous Galerkin method for convection-diffusion-reaction problems
ShinJa Jeong and Mi-Young Kim
2021, 29(2) : 1991-2006 doi: 10.3934/era.2020101 +[Abstract](538) +[HTML](280) +[PDF](1523.36KB)
Decoupling PDE computation with intrinsic or inertial Robin interface condition
Lian Zhang, Mingchao Cai and Mo Mu
2021, 29(2) : 2007-2028 doi: 10.3934/era.2020102 +[Abstract](486) +[HTML](259) +[PDF](3144.54KB)
On $ P_1 $ nonconforming finite element aproximation for the Signorini problem
Mingxia Li, Dongying Hua and Hairong Lian
2021, 29(2) : 2029-2045 doi: 10.3934/era.2020103 +[Abstract](421) +[HTML](242) +[PDF](435.38KB)
Finite/fixed-time synchronization for complex networks via quantized adaptive control
Yu-Jing Shi and Yan Ma
2021, 29(2) : 2047-2061 doi: 10.3934/era.2020104 +[Abstract](608) +[HTML](288) +[PDF](378.87KB)
Asymptotic behavior of the one-dimensional compressible micropolar fluid model
Haibo Cui, Junpei Gao and Lei Yao
2021, 29(2) : 2063-2075 doi: 10.3934/era.2020105 +[Abstract](466) +[HTML](258) +[PDF](358.63KB)
The global supersonic flow with vacuum state in a 2D convex duct
Jintao Li, Jindou Shen and Gang Xu
2021, 29(2) : 2077-2099 doi: 10.3934/era.2020106 +[Abstract](511) +[HTML](265) +[PDF](791.6KB)
A geometric-analytic study of linear differential equations of order two
Víctor León and Bruno Scárdua
2021, 29(2) : 2101-2127 doi: 10.3934/era.2020107 +[Abstract](659) +[HTML](214) +[PDF](456.23KB)
On a model of COVID-19 dynamics
Jorge Rebaza
2021, 29(2) : 2129-2140 doi: 10.3934/era.2020108 +[Abstract](513) +[HTML](234) +[PDF](410.23KB)
Integrating evolution equations using Fredholm determinants
Feride Tığlay
2021, 29(2) : 2141-2147 doi: 10.3934/era.2020109 +[Abstract](376) +[HTML](206) +[PDF](281.76KB)
Some recent developments in the unique determinations in phaseless inverse acoustic scattering theory
Deyue Zhang and Yukun Guo
2021, 29(2) : 2149-2165 doi: 10.3934/era.2020110 +[Abstract](433) +[HTML](214) +[PDF](335.94KB)
More bijections for Entringer and Arnold families
Heesung Shin and Jiang Zeng
2021, 29(2) : 2167-2185 doi: 10.3934/era.2020111 +[Abstract](564) +[HTML](232) +[PDF](435.77KB)
Pullback attractors for stochastic recurrent neural networks with discrete and distributed delays
Meiyu Sui, Yejuan Wang and Peter E. Kloeden
2021, 29(2) : 2187-2221 doi: 10.3934/era.2020112 +[Abstract](454) +[HTML](222) +[PDF](511.36KB)
Continuous data assimilation applied to a velocity-vorticity formulation of the 2D Navier-Stokes equations Special Issues
Matthew Gardner, Adam Larios, Leo G. Rebholz, Duygu Vargun and Camille Zerfas
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020113 +[Abstract](437) +[HTML](235) +[PDF](5363.96KB)
Solvability of the matrix equation $ AX^{2} = B $ with semi-tensor product Special Issues
Jin Wang, Jun-E Feng and Hua-Lin Huang
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020114 +[Abstract](422) +[HTML](235) +[PDF](400.64KB)
Propagation dynamics of nonlocal dispersal equations with inhomogeneous bistable nonlinearity
Shao-Xia Qiao and Li-Jun Du
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020116 +[Abstract](359) +[HTML](157) +[PDF](342.93KB)
On projective threefolds of general type with small positive geometric genus
Meng Chen, Yong Hu and Matteo Penegini
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020117 +[Abstract](336) +[HTML](183) +[PDF](466.62KB)
Traveling wave solution for a diffusion SEIR epidemic model with self-protection and treatment
Hai-Feng Huo, Shi-Ke Hu and Hong Xiang
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020118 +[Abstract](365) +[HTML](201) +[PDF](709.18KB)
Refined asymptotic behavior and uniqueness of large solutions to a quasilinear elliptic equation in a borderline case
Yongxiu Shi and Haitao Wan
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020119 +[Abstract](359) +[HTML](159) +[PDF](353.08KB)
A conforming discontinuous Galerkin finite element method on rectangular partitions Special Issues
Yue Feng, Yujie Liu, Ruishu Wang and Shangyou Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020120 +[Abstract](371) +[HTML](164) +[PDF](298.59KB)
On recent progress of single-realization recoveries of random Schrödinger systems Special Issues
Shiqi Ma
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020121 +[Abstract](352) +[HTML](169) +[PDF](642.99KB)
Continuous subsonic-sonic flows in a two-dimensional semi-infinitely long nozzle Special Issues
Mingjun Zhou and Jingxue Yin
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020122 +[Abstract](334) +[HTML](170) +[PDF](490.52KB)
Classification of finite irreducible conformal modules over Lie conformal algebra $ \mathcal{W}(a, b, r) $ Special Issues
Wenjun Liu, Yukun Xiao and Xiaoqing Yue
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020123 +[Abstract](420) +[HTML](173) +[PDF](306.09KB)
A generalization on derivations of Lie algebras
Hongliang Chang, Yin Chen and Runxuan Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020124 +[Abstract](403) +[HTML](154) +[PDF](397.64KB)
The Brezis-Nirenberg type double critical problem for a class of Schrödinger-Poisson equations
Li Cai and Fubao Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020125 +[Abstract](322) +[HTML](141) +[PDF](333.03KB)
Hybridized weak Galerkin finite element methods for Brinkman equations Special Issues
Jiwei Jia, Young-Ju Lee, Yue Feng, Zichan Wang and Zhongshu Zhao
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020126 +[Abstract](351) +[HTML](148) +[PDF](444.9KB)
A four-field mixed finite element method for Biot's consolidation problems Special Issues
Wenya Qi, Padmanabhan Seshaiyer and Junping Wang
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020127 +[Abstract](325) +[HTML](140) +[PDF](396.68KB)
Efficient computations for linear feedback control problems for target velocity matching of Navier-Stokes flows via POD and LSTM-ROM Special Issues
Hyung-Chun Lee
2020doi: 10.3934/era.2020128 +[Abstract](306) +[HTML](151) +[PDF](6771.49KB)
Note on coisotropic Floer homology and leafwise fixed points
Fabian Ziltener
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021001 +[Abstract](226) +[HTML](112) +[PDF](296.46KB)
Classification and simulation of chaotic behaviour of the solutions of a mixed nonlinear Schrödinger system
Riadh Chteoui, Abdulrahman F. Aljohani and Anouar Ben Mabrouk
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021002 +[Abstract](366) +[HTML](145) +[PDF](1460.42KB)
Global stability of traveling waves for a spatially discrete diffusion system with time delay
Ting Liu and Guo-Bao Zhang
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021003 +[Abstract](258) +[HTML](123) +[PDF](362.16KB)
On the universal $ \alpha $-central extensions of the semi-direct product of Hom-preLie algebras
Bing Sun, Liangyun Chen and Yan Cao
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021004 +[Abstract](207) +[HTML](124) +[PDF](388.95KB)
Tori can't collapse to an interval
Sergio Zamora
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021005 +[Abstract](215) +[HTML](115) +[PDF](370.74KB)
$ C^* $-algebras associated with asymptotic equivalence relations defined by hyperbolic toral automorphisms
Kengo Matsumoto
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021006 +[Abstract](210) +[HTML](111) +[PDF](299.13KB)
Telescoping method, summation formulas, and inversion pairs Special Issues
Qing-Hu Hou and Yarong Wei
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021007 +[Abstract](243) +[HTML](135) +[PDF](329.28KB)
Automorphism group and twisted modules of the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro vertex operator algebra Special Issues
Hongyan Guo
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021008 +[Abstract](239) +[HTML](112) +[PDF](320.19KB)
On $ n $-slice algebras and related algebras Special Issues
Jin-Yun Guo, Cong Xiao and Xiaojian Lu
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021009 +[Abstract](146) +[HTML](116) +[PDF](538.39KB)
Local well-posedness of perturbed Navier-Stokes system around Landau solutions
Jingjing Zhang and Ting Zhang
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021010 +[Abstract](135) +[HTML](71) +[PDF](396.95KB)
A multiscale stochastic criminal behavior model under a hybrid scheme Special Issues
Chuntian Wang and Yuan Zhang
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021011 +[Abstract](137) +[HTML](87) +[PDF](1153.25KB)
An a posteriori error estimator based on least-squares finite element solutions for viscoelastic fluid flows Special Issues
Hsueh-Chen Lee and Hyesuk Lee
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021012 +[Abstract](274) +[HTML](96) +[PDF](4744.99KB)
Graded post-Lie algebra structures and homogeneous Rota-Baxter operators on the Schrödinger-Virasoro algebra Special Issues
Pengliang Xu and Xiaomin Tang
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021013 +[Abstract](152) +[HTML](97) +[PDF](322.55KB)
Averaging principle on infinite intervals for stochastic ordinary differential equations Special Issues
David Cheban and Zhenxin Liu
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021014 +[Abstract](169) +[HTML](68) +[PDF](387.01KB)
Ergodic measures of intermediate entropy for affine transformations of nilmanifolds Special Issues
Wen Huang, Leiye Xu and Shengnan Xu
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021015 +[Abstract](132) +[HTML](71) +[PDF](313.83KB)
A Liouville theorem for ancient solutions to a semilinear heat equation and its elliptic counterpart
Christos Sourdis
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021016 +[Abstract](126) +[HTML](47) +[PDF](341.7KB)
On a general homogeneous three-dimensional system of difference equations
Nouressadat Touafek, Durhasan Turgut Tollu and Youssouf Akrour
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021017 +[Abstract](136) +[HTML](57) +[PDF](492.41KB)
Refined Wilf-equivalences by Comtet statistics Special Issues
Shishuo Fu, Zhicong Lin and Yaling Wang
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021018 +[Abstract](103) +[HTML](47) +[PDF](534.03KB)
Convergence analysis of Fourier pseudo-spectral schemes for three-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes equations Special Issues
Cheng Wang
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021019 +[Abstract](129) +[HTML](49) +[PDF](495.86KB)
Structure of sympathetic Lie superalgebras Special Issues
Yusi Fan, Chenrui Yao and Liangyun Chen
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021020 +[Abstract](106) +[HTML](50) +[PDF](303.23KB)
On inner Poisson structures of a quantum cluster algebra without coefficients Special Issues
Fang Li and Jie Pan
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021021 +[Abstract](120) +[HTML](40) +[PDF](308.09KB)
Complexity in time-delay networks of multiple interacting neural groups Special Issues
Xiaochen Mao, Weijie Ding, Xiangyu Zhou, Song Wang and Xingyong Li
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021022 +[Abstract](129) +[HTML](57) +[PDF](3695.69KB)
Big homoclinic orbit bifurcation underlying post-inhibitory rebound spike and a novel threshold curve of a neuron Special Issues
Xianjun Wang, Huaguang Gu and Bo Lu
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021023 +[Abstract](135) +[HTML](90) +[PDF](2461.63KB)
Global dynamics of the solution for a bistable reaction diffusion equation with nonlocal effect
Meng-Xue Chang, Bang-Sheng Han and Xiao-Ming Fan
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021024 +[Abstract](123) +[HTML](49) +[PDF](405.63KB)
Picture groups and maximal green sequences Special Issues
Kiyoshi Igusa and Gordana Todorov
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021025 +[Abstract](128) +[HTML](62) +[PDF](534.52KB)
Instability and bifurcation of a cooperative system with periodic coefficients Special Issues
Tian Hou, Yi Wang and Xizhuang Xie
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021026 +[Abstract](146) +[HTML](44) +[PDF](807.77KB)
Simultaneous recovery of surface heat flux and thickness of a solid structure by ultrasonic measurements Special Issues
Youjun Deng, Hongyu Liu, Xianchao Wang, Dong Wei and Liyan Zhu
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021027 +[Abstract](119) +[HTML](52) +[PDF](525.34KB)
Three types of weak pullback attractors for lattice pseudo-parabolic equations driven by locally Lipschitz noise
Lianbing She, Nan Liu, Xin Li and Renhai Wang
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021028 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](30) +[PDF](624.31KB)
Global behavior of P-dimensional difference equations system
Amira Khelifa and Yacine Halim
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021029 +[Abstract](30) +[HTML](15) +[PDF](397.48KB)
A C0 interior penalty method for the Cahn-Hilliard equation
Amanda E. Diegel
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021030 +[Abstract](10) +[HTML](15) +[PDF](942.63KB)
A multigrid based finite difference method for solving parabolic interface problem
Hongsong Feng and Shan Zhao
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021031 +[Abstract](10) +[HTML](13) +[PDF](18671.43KB)
A conforming-nonconforming mixed immersed finite element method for unsteady Stokes equations with moving interfaces
Derrick Jones and Xu Zhang
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021032 +[Abstract](14) +[HTML](13) +[PDF](1840.69KB)
Relative mmp without $ \mathbb{Q} $-factoriality
János Kollár
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021033 +[Abstract](11) +[HTML](9) +[PDF](300.75KB)
Firing patterns and bifurcation analysis of neurons under electromagnetic induction
Qixiang Wen, Shenquan Liu and Bo Lu
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021034 +[Abstract](9) +[HTML](7) +[PDF](6539.09KB)
Enhancement of gamma oscillations in E/I neural networks by increase of difference between external inputs
Xiaochun Gu, Fang Han, Zhijie Wang, Kaleem Kashif and Wenlian Lu
2021doi: 10.3934/era.2021035 +[Abstract](11) +[HTML](7) +[PDF](1044.39KB)
Non-existence of solutions to some degenerate coercivity elliptic equations involving measures data
Maoji Ri, Shuibo Huang and Canyun Huang
2020, 28: 165-182 doi: 10.3934/era.2020011 +[Abstract](886) +[HTML](414) +[PDF](392.76KB) Cited By(4)
Strong $ (L^2,L^\gamma\cap H_0^1) $-continuity in initial data of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation in any space dimension
Hongyong Cui, Peter E. Kloeden and Wenqiang Zhao
2020, 28: 1357-1374 doi: 10.3934/era.2020072 +[Abstract](638) +[HTML](323) +[PDF](384.95KB) Cited By(3)
On the mutual singularity of multifractal measures
Zied Douzi and Bilel Selmi
2020, 28: 423-432 doi: 10.3934/era.2020024 +[Abstract](760) +[HTML](277) +[PDF](324.42KB) Cited By(3)
On the time decay in phase–lag thermoelasticity with two temperatures
Antonio Magaña, Alain Miranville and Ramón Quintanilla
2019, 27: 7-19 doi: 10.3934/era.2019007 +[Abstract](1600) +[HTML](757) +[PDF](365.4KB) Cited By(3)
Rough semi-uniform spaces and its image proximities
Surabhi Tiwari and Pankaj Kumar Singh
2020, 28: 1095-1106 doi: 10.3934/era.2020060 +[Abstract](635) +[HTML](374) +[PDF](3941.13KB) Cited By(2)
A multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann method with Beam-Warming scheme for a coupled chemotaxis-fluid model
Zhonghua Qiao and Xuguang Yang
2020, 28: 1207-1225 doi: 10.3934/era.2020066 +[Abstract](663) +[HTML](314) +[PDF](1610.81KB) Cited By(2)
Well-posed final value problems and Duhamel's formula for coercive Lax–Milgram operators
Jon Johnsen
2019, 27: 20-36 doi: 10.3934/era.2019008 +[Abstract](1339) +[HTML](667) +[PDF](448.4KB) Cited By(2)
Some multivariate polynomials for doubled permutations
Bin Han
2021, 29: 1925-1944 doi: 10.3934/era.2020098 +[Abstract](607) +[HTML](287) +[PDF](398.24KB) Cited By(2)
Some recent progress on inverse scattering problems within general polyhedral geometry
Xinlin Cao, Huaian Diao and Jinhong Li
2021, 29: 1753-1782 doi: 10.3934/era.2020090 +[Abstract](621) +[HTML](338) +[PDF](492.02KB) Cited By(2)
New series for powers of $ \pi $ and related congruences
Zhi-Wei Sun
2020, 28: 1273-1342 doi: 10.3934/era.2020070 +[Abstract](618) +[HTML](371) +[PDF](571.91KB) Cited By(2)
A conjecture on cluster automorphisms of cluster algebras
Peigen Cao, Fang Li, Siyang Liu and Jie Pan
2019, 27: 1-6 doi: 10.3934/era.2019006 +[Abstract](1845) +[HTML](810) +[PDF](313.13KB) PDF Downloads(362)
$ H^2 $ blowup result for a Schrödinger equation with nonlinear source term
Xuan Liu and Ting Zhang
2020, 28: 777-794 doi: 10.3934/era.2020039 +[Abstract](758) +[HTML](549) +[PDF](392.34KB) PDF Downloads(280)
Traveling waves for a nonlocal dispersal SIR model equipped delay and generalized incidence
Yang Yang, Yun-Rui Yang and Xin-Jun Jiao
2020, 28: 1-13 doi: 10.3934/era.2020001 +[Abstract](1286) +[HTML](591) +[PDF](369.78KB) PDF Downloads(280)
The global conservative solutions for the generalized camassa-holm equation
Li Yang, Chunlai Mu, Shouming Zhou and Xinyu Tu
2019, 27: 37-67 doi: 10.3934/era.2019009 +[Abstract](1311) +[HTML](618) +[PDF](562.79KB) PDF Downloads(275)
A numerical study of superconvergence of the discontinuous Galerkin method by patch reconstruction
Zexuan Liu, Zhiyuan Sun and Jerry Zhijian Yang
2020, 28: 1487-1501 doi: 10.3934/era.2020078 +[Abstract](733) +[HTML](330) +[PDF](5508.22KB) PDF Downloads(272)
On a final value problem for a nonlinear fractional pseudo-parabolic equation
Vo Van Au, Hossein Jafari, Zakia Hammouch and Nguyen Huy Tuan
2021, 29: 1709-1734 doi: 10.3934/era.2020088 +[Abstract](1002) +[HTML](258) +[PDF](484.76KB) PDF Downloads(267)
Finite time blow-up for a wave equation with dynamic boundary condition at critical and high energy levels in control systems
Xiaoqiang Dai, Chao Yang, Shaobin Huang, Tao Yu and Yuanran Zhu
2020, 28: 91-102 doi: 10.3934/era.2020006 +[Abstract](1269) +[HTML](635) +[PDF](299.33KB) PDF Downloads(251)
Generalizations of some ordinary and extreme connectedness properties of topological spaces to relator spaces
Muwafaq Salih and Árpád Száz
2020, 28: 471-548 doi: 10.3934/era.2020027 +[Abstract](935) +[HTML](560) +[PDF](771.11KB) PDF Downloads(240)
The existence, general decay and blow-up for a plate equation with nonlinear damping and a logarithmic source term
Gongwei Liu
2020, 28: 263-289 doi: 10.3934/era.2020016 +[Abstract](900) +[HTML](374) +[PDF](383.54KB) PDF Downloads(237)
Global existence and propagation speed for a Degasperis-Procesi equation with both dissipation and dispersion
Guenbo Hwang and Byungsoo Moon
2020, 28: 15-25 doi: 10.3934/era.2020002 +[Abstract](1183) +[HTML](604) +[PDF](327.55KB) PDF Downloads(236)

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