STEM Education (STEME) is the official journal for STEM Education of the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). STEME is a forum for dissemination and debate via original research into science, technology, engineering and mathematics education by, and for, an international community of STEM education scholars, practitioners and policy-makers at all levels.  

Articles in STEME will meet the definition of research and experimental development (R&D) aligned with the OECD’s Frascati Manual, which defines R&D as ‘creative and systematic work undertaken in order to increase the stock of knowledge  – including knowledge of humankind, culture and society – and to devise new applications of available knowledge’ (OECD, 2015)*.

STEME welcomes submissions on STEM education at all levels that involve: pure research (including oriented research); applied research; or experimental development.  STEME is open to a wide range of research methods, designs and methodologies.  All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

STEME encourages submissions that explore and illuminate issues and challenges in any discipline of STEM education, including:

    • pedagogy, curriculum and assessment;
    • work-integrated learning and accreditation;
    • digital education;
    • case studies that investigate, probe, drill down and get at the complexity;
    • reflections or reflective practice;
    • Research higher degree studies and supervision;
    • Trends and development in international STEM education and research;
    • short notes that are designed to highlight an unusual or interesting result; an alternative method; or a creative approach to teaching a particular idea.

    In addition, STEME publishes special issues focusing on topical issues proposed by guest editors.

    STEM Flyer
    • AIMS is a member of COPE. All AIMS journals adhere to the publication ethics and malpractice policies outlined by COPE.
    • Publishes 4 issues a year in January, April, July, October.
    • Publishes online only.
    • Archived in Portico and CLOCKSS.
    • STEME is a publication of the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences. All rights reserved.

    * OECD (2015), Frascati Manual 2015: Guidelines for Collecting and Reporting Data on Research and Experimental Development, The Measurement of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Activities, OECD Publishing, Paris, pp 44-45.

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